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CRM Desigh and produce many kinds of powder.

Cerium Silicide Powder - CeSi2

Chromium Silicide Powder - CrSi2

Nickel Silicide Powder - NiSi2

Rubidium Carbonate Powder - RbCO3

Rubidium Chloride Powder - RbCl

Rubidium Fluoride Powder - RbF

Rubidium Iodide Powder - RbI

Rubidium Nitrate Powder - RbNO3

Rubidium Sulfate Powder - Rb2SO4

Titanium Disilicide Powder - TiSi2

Tantalium Disilicide Powder - TaSi2

Yttrium Silicide Powder - YSi2

Ytterbium Silicide Powder - Yb3Si5






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