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CRM material co.,limited (CRM) locates in Chinese Mainland; with 2 large fully-equipped factories, two sales companies, one analysis center and one material research center.

CRM services kinds of sputtering targets, Evaporation Material, Semiconductor material, high purity material, rare earth metal, rare earth alloys, and a wide range of specialist metals, alloys and inorganic chemical compounds.

CRM covers various finished products (include plates, disks, wire, rods, sheets, foils, circles, tubes, tables, screws, nuts, boats, crucibles...)

CRM factory covers 20000 square meter and 6 workrooms, (1) melting workroom,(2) powder metallurgy workshop, (3) semiconductor material workshop, (4) Rare earth metal and alloy workshop, (5) pure workshop, (6) machine processing workshop

CRM occupies a series of first-rate and integrated equipment list: vacuum induction melting,VIM; vacuum hot press machine, hot press; vacuum carbon tube furnace; vacuum arc remelting,VAR; cold-mold arc melting; Levitation furnace; granulating machine; Cold isostatic pressing machine;Vacuum high press synthesis machine; Vacuum reaction stove; high purity water equipment; Vapor-Phase Synthesis stove; muffle furnace and kinds of sinter stove; Vacuum grinding machine; Forging and roller; hydraulic presses; Electric discharge machines(EDM); Grinding and Lathe and Milling and drilling machines and so on

Quality is of paramount importance when we match the material as our client's needs and ensure them complete traceability.

CRM strictly manage the quality control system in the whole process, from raw material selection, production to finished product testing.

CRM prides our server prompt responses and competitive pricing.

CRM with the excellent professional team, the high prestige, the highly efficient work and innovated business idea, ensuring our customers a high quality service and winning the trust from both international and national markets.

CRM is specialized in the forefront of materials. We can design, synthesize and manufacture new materials and compounds basing on customer. If you are looking for something, please contact us at anytime, Absolutely, We will provide you with the best quotation and the best service.

Towards the right direction of materials world, CRM will always be together with you!





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