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Alloy / Intermetallics Sputtering Target

14528733312880552.jpgWith the development, people can't satisfied with single metal thin film.More and more alloy thin film are developed. CRM can offer many kinds of alloy target by customed-made. Below product list show some usually alloy sputtering target.

CRM have lots of fabrication methods, and we will select the best ways to manufacture products base on raw materials speciafication. Some available methods show as below: Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM), Vacuum induced levitation melting furnace, Vacuum Sintering, Vacuum Melting Casting, Vacuum Arc Melting, Hot Pressing (HP), Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Cold Isostatic Pressing(CIP), cold pressing and sinter, FZ, CZ, CVD......


Disk targets, column targets, step wafer targets,plate targets;
(Dia<650mm, Thickness >1mm ) 
Rectangle Targets, Slice Targets, Step Rectangle Targets;
(Longth <1500mm, Witdh<300mm, Thickness>1mm)
Tube Target / Rotation sputtering Target; 
(Outer Dia < 300mm, Thickness > 2mm)

Metal Alloy and Intermetallics Sputtering Targets 

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