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Nb2O5_sputtering_target2.jpgCeramic Sputtering Targets /Compound semiconductor targets

CRM material co.,limited offer a full series ceramic sputtering target / compound semiconductor target (Oxide sputtering target, Fluiride sputtering target, Boride sputtering target, Carbide sputtering target,Nitride sputtering target, Fluoride sputtering target, Sulfide sputtering target......) . 

CRM manufactures specialty inorganic chemicals and sputtering target to meet the individual specifications and requested compositions. With total quality control and a flexible manufacturing environment, materials produced meet custom applications and support evolving advancements within the industry. Now our available brief manufacture method include melting, HIP, CIP, HP, Press-Sinter... CRM will base on material performance select the best way to manufacture and sure our products be best.

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