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Bismuth Selenide (BiSe)

Bismuth Selenium alloy have 3 kinds intermediate compounds BiTe,Bi2Te,Bi2Te3.

Bi2Te3, density: 6.82g/cm3; melting point 710℃, black crystal materials, used as compound semiconductor and thermoelectricity materials. Low temperature, it will show as superconductor performance.

Bismuth Selenide Sputtering Target - BiSe

Purity - 99.99%,99.999%

Shape - Discs, Plate,Step ( Dia ≤480mm, Thickness ≥ 1mm)

              Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤400mm, Width ≤200mm, Thickness ≥1mm) 

Package - Vacuum

Application - Thermoelectric thin film...

Bismuth Selenide Evaporation Material - BiSe

Purity - 99.99%,99.999%

Shape - Granule 1-10mm

Package - Vacuum

Application - Thermoelectric thin film ...

Bismuth Selenide Powder - BiSe

Purity - 99.99%,99.999%

Shape - powder 100mesh,150mesh,300mesh

Package - Vacuum

Application - Thermoelectric material




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