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Nickel Boride (Ni2B)

IdentifiersNickel borides are inorganic compounds with the chemical formula NixBy, where x and y vary. A common formula is Ni2B, which is available in two forms, known as P−1 and P−2. Other less common borides of nickel are NiB, Ni3B, o-Ni4B3 and m-Ni4B3 (o for orthogonal, m for metastable).

Ni2B has been suggested to be an amorphous composed of nickel bonded to individual boron centres. However it contains nanoparticles of nickel which on heating under inert conditions become more crystaline. The two forms P−1 and P−2 differ in terms of amount of their contamination by NaBO2 adsorbed on the surface. P−1 Ni2B has an oxide to boride ratio of 1:4, whereas that of P−2 Ni2B is 10:1. Their properties differ in terms of catalytic efficiency and substrate specificity.

The preparation of amorphous nickel boride is simple compared with other borides which requires high temperatures, special techniques and equipment.

Nickel boride is in the form of black amorphous powder or black granules. It is insoluble in all solvents, but reacts with concentrated mineral acids. The solid is air stable. As expected for a boride, it has a high melting point. This article focuses mainly on the most common nickel boride, Ni2B.
Ni2B is an efficient catalyst and reducing agent. It is used as a heterogeneous hydrogenation catalyst.

CAS Number:12007-01-1

ECHA InfoCard:100.031.345
EC Number:234-494-6

    Chemical formula:Ni2B
    Molar mass: 128.20 g·mol−1
    Appearance: black solid
    Melting point: 1230
    Solubility in water:insoluble

Nickel Boride Sputtering Targets - Ni2B Target

Purity--- 99.9%

Shape---Discs, Plate, Step (Dia ≤480mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤420mm, Width ≤270mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

Tube( Diameter< 300mm, Thickness >2mm ) 

Application - Coating for thin film, Chromium(III) boride is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula CrB. It is used in wear resistant coatings.

Nickel Boride Evaporation Material - Ni2B Granule

Purity - 99.9%

Granule - 3-6mm, 1-6mm

Application - Coating for thin film

Nickel Boride Powder - Ni2B

Purity--- 99.9%

Granularity --- 100mesh、200 mesh、325mesh

Nickel Boron Alloy - other component

Purity--- NiB 15%(14-17%), NiB18%(17-21%),NiB25%(23-28%)

Shape--- Lumps

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