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Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5 )

NbOx sputtering targetNiobium pentoxide, is the chemical compound with the formula Nb2O5. It is used mainly in the production of capacitors, lithium niobate, and optical glass.

It has many polymorphic forms all based largely on octahedrally coordinated niobium atoms.The polymorphs are identified with a variety of prefixes. The form most commonly encountered is monoclinic H-Nb2O5 which has a complex structure, with a unit cell containing 28 niobium atoms and 70 oxygen, where 27 of the niobium atoms are octahedrally coordinated and one tetrahedrally.There is an uncharacterised solid hydrate, Nb2O5. nH2O, the so-called niobic acid (previously called columbic acid), which can be prepared by hydrolysis of a basic solution of niobium pentachloride or Nb2O5 dissolved in HF.

Thin films of Nb2O5 form the dielectric layers in solid electrolyte capacitors and these layers can be grown electrolytically on sintered bodies containing niobium monoxide.

Basic Information

Name: Niobium Penoxide
Atomic Mass:265.81 g/mol
Melting Point: 1512.0 °C

Crystal Structure: Cubic
Density @ 293 K: 4.60 g/cm3
Color:white orthogonal solid

Solubility in water: insoluble

Solubility: soluble in HF

Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5) Sputtering Targets
Purity ---  99.99% Density --- 4.47 g/cm3   white color

Shape --- Discs, Plate,Step (Dia ≤355mm,,  Thickness ≥1mm)

                 Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤300mm, Width ≤200mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

Application --- Dielectric coating,  Multilayers

Niobium Pentoxide (NbOx) Sputtering Targets
Purity ---  99.99% Density --- > 4.54 g/cm3 

Shape --- Discs, Plate,Step (Dia ≤355mm,,  Thickness ≥1mm)

                 Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤300mm, Width ≤200mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

Color --- Black

Application --- TFT- LCD panal

Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5) Evaporation Material 

Density --- 4.4 g/cm3 

Purity--- 99.99% 

Melting point---1485 ℃ ,Solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in acid 
Properties of thin film ---
     Transmission range 380 ~ 10000 nm 
     Refractive index at 470nm 2.2~2.3 
     Sustrate temperature 50~300℃ 

Properties of thin film-- -
       Transmission range 400 ~ 2000 nm
       Refractive index at 470nm ~ 1.8 
Shape --- solid substance, Colorless granules 

Application --- Dielectric coating. Multilayers, custom-made

Niobium Pentoxide (Nb2O5) Powder

Purity ---  99.99%
Size --- 300mesh, 325mesh

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