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Scandium oxide (Sc2O3)

Scandium(III) oxide, Sc2O3, or scandia, is a high melting rare earth oxide. It is used in the preparation of other scandium compounds as well as in high-temperature systems (for its resistance to heat and thermal shock), electronic ceramics, and glass composition (as a helper material).

Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3) Sputtering Targets 

Purity--- Re/TREM:99.995%,99.99%,99.999%     TREM:99.5%,99.9%,99.95%

Shape--- Discs, Rectangle, Tube, Custom-Made

Diameter--- Dia (≤250mm), Length---(≤600mm), Width---(≤250mm)Thickness---(≥1mm)

Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3) Evaporation material 
Properties of thin film---
       Transmission range--- 250 ~ 13000nm
       Refractive index--- at 550 nm 1.89
Hints on evaporation---
       Evaporation with electron beam gun.
       Evaporation temperature 2400 ℃
       Substrate temperature: 250~ 300 ℃
Purity---Re/TREM:99.99%,99.999%     TREM:99.5%,99.9%

Shape---solid substance, White tablets    Melting point---2430 ℃

Specification--- custom-made
Applications--- U.V. coating 

Scandium Oxide (Sc2O3) Powder

Purity--- Re/TREM:99.99%,99.999%      TREM:99.5%,99.9%

Size -- 300mesh

Color --- White powder

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