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Selenium Metal Se
Selenium is a non metallic chemical element, member of the group VI. In chemical activity and physical properties it resembles sulfur and tellurium.The steady selenium are a red amorphous  crystalline powder, and a gray crystalline metallike form called metallic selenium. Metallic  selenium form conducts electricity better in the light than in the dark and is used in photocells. Selenium burns in air and is uneffected by water, but dissolves in concentrated nitric acid and alkalis.

Selenium Sputtering Targets (Se Target)

Purity--- 99.99%   

Shape--- Discs, Rectangle, Tube, Custom-Made Diameter--- Dia (≤480mm), 

Thickness---(≥1mm) Length---(≤600mm), Width---(≤250mm), Thickness---(≥1mm)

Selenium Pellet (Evaporation Material)

Purity--- 99.99%  

Shape---  Irregular pieces, pellet    

Dimension---3-8mm   irregular pieces

High Pure Selenium Metal ( Se Metal )

Purity--- 99.999%  Total < 10PPM (Cu, Ag, Mg, Sb, Ni, Bi, Hg, In, Bi, Hg, In,  Fe, Cd, Te, Ca, Al, Ti, Pb total <10ppm)  

Shape --- Gray block or red powder

Application --- Primarily used in the manufacturing of II-VI family compound semiconductor (ZnSe...), selenium drum materials, photoelectricity materials and all kinds of metal selenide, etc




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