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Terbium (Tb) Metal

Terbium is a soft, malleable, ductile, silver-gray metal member of the lanthanide group of the periodic table. It is reasonably stable in air, but it is slowly oxidised and it reacts with cold water.

Basic Information

Name: Terbium
Symbol: Tb
Atomic Number: 65
Atomic Mass: 158.92534 amu
Melting Point: 1360.0 °C (1633.15 °K, 2480.0 °F)
Boiling Point: 3041.0 °C (3314.15 °K, 5505.8 °F)
Number of Protons/Electrons: 65
Number of Neutrons: 94
Classification: Rare Earth
Crystal Structure: Hexagonal
Density @ 293 K: 8.27 g/cm3
Color: silverish

Terbium Sputtering Targets (Tb Target)

Purity --- Tb/TREM:99%, 99.9%, 99.99%min; TREM:99%, 99.5%, 99.9%min

Shape--- Discs, Plate, Step (Dia >≤300mm,,  Thickness >≥1mm)

                Rectangle, Sheet,  Step (Length >≤1000mm, Width >≤300mm, Thickness >≥1mm)

                Tube( Diameter< 300mm,  Thickness >2mm, ) Packing--- in vacuum

Terbium Evaporation Material 

Shape: cylinder, pellet, taper,irregular piece

Purity---Tb/TREM:99%, 99.9%, 99.99%min; TREM:99%, 99.5%, 99.9%min

Specification--- custom-made

Terbium Metals Product ( Tb tube, wire, rod, foil,  slab, disk, granule, Lump... )

Purity --- Tb/TREM:99%, 99.9%, 99.99%min; TREM:99%, 99.5%, 99.9%min

Speciafication --- Wire (diameter 0.1mm - 5mm), Rod (diameter 0.5mm - 10cm )

,Foil (thickness to 0.25mm - 1.0mm, width < 30cm) Slab (thickness 1cm - 3cm, width < 40cm), Disc (diameter < 35cm, thickness  0.1mm - 30mm )

Terbium Metals Powder (Tb Powder)

Purity --- Tb/TREM:99%, 99.9%, 99.99%min; TREM:99%, 99.5%, 99.9%min

Shape --- 325 mesh, 250 mesh, 100 mesh, 60 mesh, 40 mesh, 20 mesh, 10 mesh 

Application --- in steel foundries industry for making FeSiMg alloy and it is used as an additive for hydrogen storage alloy.

Terbium  Metals  Ingot ( Tb Metal )

Purity --- Tb/TREM:99%, 99.9%, 99.99%min; TREM:99%, 99.5%, 99.9%min

Shape --- Lumps(0.5cm, 1cm, 2cm, 3cm or more), Ingot

Application --- Terbium Metal is the important additive for NdFeB permanent magnets to raise the Curie temperature and improve temperature coefficiency. Another most promising use of distilled Terbium Metal, is in the magnetostrictive alloy TbDyFe . There are also other applications for some special master alloys.




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