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Thulium (Tm) Metal

Thulium is a bright silvery-gray luster and can be cut by a knife. and belong to lanthanide element. It is the least abundant of the rare earths and its metal is easy to work. It slowly tarnishes in air, but is more resistant to oxidation than most rare-earth elements. It also has some corrosion resistance in dry air and good ductility. 

Basic Information

Name: Thulium
Symbol: Tm
Atomic Number: 69
Atomic Mass: 168.9342 amu
Melting Point: 1545.0 °C (1818.15 °K, 2813.0 °F)
Boiling Point: 1727.0 °C (2000.15 °K, 3140.6 °F)
Number of Protons/Electrons: 69
Number of Neutrons: 100
Classification: Rare Earth
Crystal Structure: Hexagonal
Density @ 293 K: 9.321 g/cm3
Color: silverish

Thulium  Sputtering Targets (Tm Target)

Purity --- Tm/TREM:99%,99.9%,99.99%     TREM:99%,99.5%,99.9%

Density --- 9.321g/cm3,

Shape--- Discs, Plate, Step (Dia ≤300mm,,  Thickness ≥1mm)

                Rectangle, Sheet,  Step (Length ≤1000mm, Width ≤300mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

                Tube( Diameter< 300mm,  Thickness >2mm, ) Packing--- in vacuum

Thulium Evaporation Material 

Purity --- Tm/TREM:99%,99.9%,99.99%     TREM:99%,99.5%,99.9%

Shape: cylinder, pellet, taper,irregular piece

Specification--- custom-made

Thulium  Evaporation material 

Purity --- Tm/TREM:99%,99.9%,99.99%     TREM:99%,99.5%,99.9%

Shape --- Wire, cylinder, pellet, taper, irregular piece 

Specification--- custom-made

Thulium  Metals Product (Tm tube, wire, rod, foil,  slab, disk, granule, Lump... )

Purity --- Tm/TREM:99%,99.9%,99.99%     TREM:99%,99.5%,99.9%

Speciafication --- Wire (diameter 0.1mm - 5mm), Rod (diameter 0.5mm - 10cm ),

Foil (thickness to 0.25mm - 1.0mm, width < 30cm)

Slab (thickness 1cm - 3cm, width < 40cm), Disc (diameter < 35cm, thickness  0.1mm - 30mm )

Thulium Metals Powder ( Tm Powder )

Purity --- Tm/TREM:99%,99.9%,99.99%     TREM:99%,99.5%,99.9%

Shape --- 325 mesh, 250 mesh, 100 mesh, 60 mesh, 40 mesh, 20 mesh, 10 mesh 

Application --- in steel foundries industry for making FeSiMg alloy and it is used as an additive for hydrogen storage alloy.

Thulium  Metal / Distilled Thulium  Metal

Shape --- Irregular piece, Ingot, custom- made

Purity --- Tm/TREM:99%,99.9%,99.99%     TREM:99%,99.5%,99.9%

Applications --- Thulium Metal, is mainly used in making superalloys. Thulium has been used to create lasers. When stable thulium (Tm-169) is bombarded in a nuclear reactor it can later serve as a radiation source in portable X-ray devices. It also has potential use in ceramic magnetic materials called ferrites, which are used in microwave equipment. Thulium-doped calcium sulphate has been used in personal radiation dosimeters because it can register, by its fluorescence, especially low levels. 




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