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Tin (Sn) Metal

Tin is a soft, pliable, silvery-white metal. Tin is not easily oxidized and resists corrosion because it is protected by an oxide film. Tin resists corrosion from distilled sea and soft tap water, and can be attacked by strong acids, alkalis and acid salts.

Basic Information

Name: Tin
Symbol: Sn
Atomic Number: 50
Atomic Mass: 118.71 amu
Melting Point: 231.9 °C (505.05 °K, 449.41998 °F)
Boiling Point: 2270.0 °C (2543.15 °K, 4118.0 °F)
Number of Protons/Electrons: 50
Number of Neutrons: 69
Classification: Other Metals
Crystal Structure: Tetragonal
Density @ 293 K: 7.31 g/cm3
Color: white

Tin (Sn) Sputtering Targets ( Sn Target )

Purity--- 99.99%,99.999%

Shape--- Discs, Rectangle, Tube, Custom-Made

Diameter--- Dia (≤250mm), Thickness---(≥1mm)   /  Length---(≤600mm), Width---(≤250mm), Thickness---(≥1mm)

Super high purity Tin  Metal  ( Super high purity Sn Metal) 

Purity---99.999%(Ag,Al,As,Au,Bi,Ca,Co,Cu,Fe,In,Mg,Ni,Zn total<10ppm), 

99.9999%(Ag,Al,Au,Ca,Co,Cu,Fe,In,Mg,Ni,Zn total<1ppm),

99.99999% (Ag,Al,Au,Ca,Co,Cu,Fe,In,Mg,Ni,Zn total<0.1ppm)

Shape ---  Silver whiter ingot or Granule

Application --- Primarily used in the manufacture of compound semiconductor, high purity alloy, ultra-low temperature refrigeration alloy, superconducting  material, ITO (Indium Tin Oxide), solder and as a dopant of compound semiconductor etc.

NOTE: CRM supply high purity Tin ingot by EICC cetification.

Tin  Rod ( Sn Rod ) 

Purity--- 99.99%,99.999%

Diameter--- >2mm Length---Custom-made

Tin  Pellet (Evaporation Material) ( Sn Pellet )  

Purity--- 99.99%,99.999%

Shape---  Irregular pieces, pellet   

 Dimension---3-8mm   irregular pieces

Tin Tube (Sn Tube )

Purity--- 99.99% ,99.999% 

Diameter ---   Custom-made

Tin  Foil   (Sn Foil) 

Purity--- 99.99%     Thickness--- 0.5-2mm 




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