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Tin Dioxide (SnO2)

Tin Dioxide (SnO2) Sputtering Target

Purity --- 99.99% 

Denstiy --- 6.85 g/cm3

Refractive Index---

Transparence Wave Band---- um

Shape---Disk, Plate, sheet, Custom-made 

Diameter---Dia (≤200mm), Length---(≤162mm), Width---(≤102mm), Thickness---(≥2mm)

Application--- Transparent conductive film. 

Tin Dioxide (SnO2) Evaporation Material

Purity --- 99.99% 

Granule - 1-6mm

Application--- Transparent conductive film. 

Tin Dioxide (SnO2) Powder


Size--- 80-200mesh

Melting point--->1930℃

Application ---Tin dioxide is primarily used in the manufacture of gas sensitivity elements, pressure sensitivity elements, photosensitivity elements, semiconductor electronic elements, electrode materials and ITO(Indium Tin Oxide).




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