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Titanium Diboride (TiB2)

Titanium Diboride Sputtering TargetsTitanium diboride (chemical formula TiB2) is an extremely hard ceramic compound composed of titanium and boron which has excellent resistance to mechanical erosion. TiB2 is also a reasonable electrical conductor, an unusual property for a ceramic, so it can be used as a cathode material in aluminium smelting and can be shaped by electrical discharge machining.

Physical properties : TiB2 is very similar to titanium carbide, an important base material for cermets, and many of its properties (e.g. hardness, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance) are superior to those of TiC:

  • Exceptional hardness (~25–35 GPa at room temperature, more than three times harder than fully hardened structural steel), which is retained up to high temperature.
  • Chemical properties: With respect to chemical stability, TiB2 is more stable in contact with pure iron than tungsten carbide or silicon nitride.

TiB2 is resistant to oxidation in air at temperatures up to 1100°C,and to hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids, but reacts with alkalis,nitric acid and sulfuric acid.

Application: Many TiB2 applications are inhibited by economic factors, particularly the costs of densifying a high melting point material - the melting point is about 2970°C, and, thanks to a layer of titanium dioxide that forms on the surface of the particles of a powder, it is very resistant to sintering. Admixture of about 10% silicon nitride facilitates the sintering,though sintering without silicon nitride has been demonstrated as well.

Thin films of TiB2 can be produced by several techniques. The electroplating of TiB2 layers possess two main advantages compared with physical vapor deposition or chemical vapor deposition: the growing rate of the layer is 200 times higher (up to 5 μm/s) and the inconveniences of covering complex shaped products are dramatically reduced.

Current use of TiB2 appears to be limited to specialized applications in such areas as impact resistant armor, cutting tools, crucibles and wear resistant coatings.

It is an attractive material for the aluminium industry as an inoculant to refine the grain size when casting aluminium alloys, because of its wettability by and low solubility in molten aluminium and good electrical conductivity.

Basic Information

Name: Titanium Diboride
Symbol: TiB2

Cas No.: 12045-63-5
Atomic Mass:69.489 g/mol

Melting Point: 3230 °C

Density @ 293 K: 4.52 g/cm3

Crystal Structure:Hexagonal, Space group P6/mmm. Lattice parameters at room temperature: a=302.36 pm, C=322.04 pm
Color: non lustrous metallic grey

Thermal conductivity: 60-120 W/(m K)

  • Electrical conductivity: ~105 S/cm

Titanium Diboride Sputtering TargetsTitanium Diboride Sputtering Targets -TiB2 Target

Purity --- 99.5%

Shape --- Discs,Plate,Step (Dia ≤480mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

                Rectangle,Sheet,Step (Length ≤420mm, Width ≤270mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

                Tube( Diameter≤300mm,Thickness ≥2mm)

Application - thin film of TiB2, Thin films of TiB2 can be used for wear and corrosion resistance that TiB2 can provide to a cheap and/or tough substrate.

Titanium Boride Evaporation Material - TiB2 Granule

Purity --- 99.5%

Shape --- Granule, Pellet

Application - thin film of TiB2, Thin films of TiB2 can be used for wear and corrosion resistance that TiB2 can provide to a cheap and/or tough substrate.

Titanium Boride Boat - TiB2 boat

Purity --- 99.5%

Melting---2980 oC

Application - TiB2 is extensively used as evaporation boats for vapour coating of aluminium.

Titanium Boride Powder  - TiB2 Powder  

Purity --- 99.5%

Melting---2980 oC


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