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Titanium Pentoxide (Ti3O5)

Ti3O5 Evaporation Material is mainly applied for the coating of antireflection films and multilayers. 

The product has the following advantages: uniform components without the common black impurity phase; 

good crystallization, uneasy for breaking; large density and low deflation; good-operability- coating, intensive, uniform and stable film.

Ti3O5 Crystal Evaporation Material

Size: 1-3mm,3-6mm granule

Basic Properties:   

Refractive Index (550nm) : 2.35

Color : Purple

Purity :99.9%

Melting Point : 1760ºC

Density : 4.60g/cm3

Evaporation Temperature :1800-2000°C

Optical Properties:

Evaporation conditions: K9 glass substrate; substrate temperature 250°C , oxygen partial pressure 1.7×10-2Pa, 

deposition rate 0.5 nm/s

The absorption coefficient for films of Substance Ti3O5 The refractive index for films of Substance Ti3O5
titanium pentoxide evaporation material

Ti3O5 Ceramic Evaporation Material

Density---4.57 g/cm3  Purity--- 99.95%, 99.99%  Melting point---1775 ℃
Properties of thin film---
     Transmission range 400 ~ 12000nm
     Refractive index at 550nm 2.2 ~ 2.4
Hints on evaporation---
     Evaporation with electron-beam gun or W, Ta boat
     Evaporation temperature 1800 ~ 2000 ℃
     Oxygen atmosphere 5×10-3 to 2×10-2Pa
     Substrate temperature 250~ 300℃
Shape---Solid Purple Tablets, granules  Dimension ---  Ø10 or piece

Area---Multilayers, Beam Splitters, Jewelry.




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