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Yttrium Fluoride (YF3)

Yttrium(III) fluoride is an inorganic chemical compound with the chemical formula YF3. It is not known naturally in 'pure' form. The fluoride minerals containing essential yttrium include tveitite-(Y) (Y,Na)6Ca6Ca6F42 and gagarinite-(Y) NaCaY(F,Cl)6. Sometimes mineral fluorite contains admixtures of yttrium.

Yttrium(III) fluoride can be used for the production of metallic yttrium, thin films, glasses and ceramics.

YF3 Granule

Yttrium Fluoride Evaporation material  (YF3 Granule )

Density ---4.01 g/cm3   

Purity--- 99.99% 
Properties of thin film---
      Transmission range 200 ~ 15000nm
      Refractive index at 632.8nm 1.49
Hints on evaporation---

      Evaporation with Mo boat.
      Evaporation temperature 1100 ℃
      Substrate temperature 250~300 ℃

 Melting point--- 1140 ℃     
Solubility--- Insoluble in water

Shape --- solid substance, White granules(1-3mm)

produce way --- melting

Production Capacity --- about 1000kg per month

Area--- IR multiplayer (10.6u), A.R.coating etc. .It can be used in CR39 and replace of ThF4. 

Yttrium Fluoride Powder (YF3)

Puity --- 99.99%

Shape --- powder , granule , pellet, disk or custom-made
size --- -50mesh, -100mesh, custom-made

CRM material co.,limited produce kinds of Rare Earth Fluoride, List as below:

Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3); Cerium Fluoride (CeF3); Praseodymium Fluoride (PrF3); Neodymium Fluoride (NdF3); Samarium Fluoride (SmF3); Europium Fluoride (EuF3); Gadolinium Fluoride (GdF3); Terbium Fluoride (TbF3); Dysprosium Fluoride (DyF3); Holmium Fluoride (HoF3); Erbium Fluoride (ErF3); Thulium Fluoride (TmF3); Ytterbium Fluoride (YbF3); Lutetium Fluoride (LuF3); Yttrium Fluoride (YF3); Scandium Fluoride (ScF3);

Shape and Size:

powder (-50mesh, -100mesh)

granule (1-3mm, 1-5mm, 1-10mm)

sputtering target,Discs, Plate, Step (Dia ≤300mm, Thickness ≥1mm)

Rectangle, Sheet, Step (Length ≤ 600mm, Width 250mm, Thickness 1mm)




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