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Compound Semiconductor


Element Semiconductor --- Component Semiconductor

Element Semiconductors  The high purity Material Department of CRM specializing in the production and distribution of high purity materials, CRM provides its customers with materials of purities from 4N up to 7N. As the absolutely necessary elemental materials of semiconductor industries, the products  are applied to varieties of industrial fields, covering electroluminescence, thermoelectronics, electronics, infrared, information, solar energy generation and high performance alloy making, etc.
CRM offer reagent quantity high purity material, min order is 50 g. Wellcome all customer and agent purchase.

Elements Semiconductors

Name Sign Purity Shape
Arsenic As 99.999% Chunk, bar crystal
Arsenic As 99.9999% Chunk, bar crystal
Arsenic As 99.99999% Chunk, bar crystal
Gemanium Ge 99.999% sputtering targets, evaporation mateirals,ingot,powder,windows
Selenium Se 99.999% Gray Block ,red powder,sputtering targets,pellet,evaporation materials
Selenium Se 99.9999% Gray Block ,red powder,pellet,evaporation materials
Selenium Se 99.99999% Gray Block ,red powder,pellet,evaporation materials
Silicon Si 99.999% sputtering target,evaporation mateirals,boat,ingot,crystal, polycrstal,windows
Silicon Si 99.9999% evaporation mateirals,boat,ingot,crystal, polycrstal,windows
Tellurium Te 99.999% Granule,flake,ingot,granule,sputtering targets, evaporation mateiral
Tellurium Te 99.9999% Granule,flake,ingot,granule, evaporation mateiral
Tellurium Te 99.99999% Granule,flake,ingot,granule, evaporation mateiral
Also CRM can offer a serious of shape element semiconductor, if any request, please let's know. ( )



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