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Hafnium Metal - Hf

Hafnium Metal - Hf

  • Purity---
  • 99.9%
  • Shape---
  • Crystal rod, lump
  • Dimension---
  • custom-made

  • Property---
  • Application---

14482898355231626.gifHafnium is a lustrous, silvery, ductile metal. It restists corrosion due to formation of a tough, impenetrable oxide film on its surface. The metal is unaffected by alkalis and acids, except hydrofluoric acid. Hafnium is difficult to separate form zirconium, bacause the two elements have atoms that are the same size.Hafnium and its alloys are used for control rods in nuclear reactors and nuclear submarines because hafnium is excellent at absorbing neutrons and it has a very high melting point and is corrosion resistant. It is used in high-temperature alloys and ceramics, since some of its compounds are very refractory: they will not melt except under the most extreme temperatures.

Basic Infomation

Name: Hafnium 

Symbol: Hf 

Atomic Number: 72 

Atomic Mass: 178.49 amu 

Melting Point: 2150.0 °C (2423.15 °K, 3902.0 °F) 

Boiling Point: 5400.0 °C (5673.15 °K, 9752.0 °F)

Number of Protons/Electrons: 72 

Number of Neutrons: 106 

Classification: Transition Metal 

Crystal Structure: Hexagonal 

Density @ 293 K: 13.2 g/cm3

Color: Silver

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