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Zinc Sulphide (ZnS)

Zinc sulfide (or zinc sulphide) is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula of ZnS. This is the main form of zinc found in nature, where it mainly occurs as the mineral sphalerite. Although this mineral is usually black because of various impurities, the pure material is white, and it is widely used as a pigment. In its dense synthetic form, zinc sulfide can be transparent, and it is used as a window for visible optics and infrared optics.
ZnS exists in two main crystalline forms, and this dualism is often a salient example of polymorphism. In both polymorphism, the coordination geometry at Zn and S are tetrahedral. The more stable cubic form is known also as zinc blende or sphalerite. The hexagonal form is known as the mineral wurtzite, although it also can be produced synthetically.[1] The transition from the sphalerite form to the wurtzite form occurs at around 1020 celsius. A tetragonal form is also known as the very rare mineral called polhemusite, with the formula (Zn,Hg)S..
Luminescent material : Zinc sulfide, with addition of few ppm of suitable activator, is used as phosphor in many applications, from cathode ray tubes through X-ray screens to glow in the dark products. When silver is used as activator, the resulting color is bright blue, with maximum at 450 nanometers. Using manganese yields an orange-red color at around 590 nanometers. Copper gives long-time glow, and it has the familiar greenish glow-in-the-dark. Copper-doped zinc sulfide ("ZnS plus Cu") is used also in electroluminescent panels.[2] It also exhibits phosphorescence due to impurities on illumination with blue or ultraviolet light.
Optical material : Zinc sulfide is also used as an infrared optical material, transmitting from visible wavelengths to just over 12 micrometers. It can be used planar as an optical window or shaped into a lens. It is made as microcrystalline sheets by the synthesis from hydrogen sulfide gas and zinc vapour, and this is sold as FLIR-grade (Forward Looking IR), where the zinc sulfide is in a milky-yellow, opaque form. This material when hot isostatically pressed (HIPed) can be converted to a water-clear form known as Cleartran (trademark). Early commercial forms were marketed as Irtran-2 but this designation is now obsolete.
Semiconductor properties : Both sphalerite and wurtzite are intrinsic, wide-bandgap semiconductors. These are prototypical II-VI semiconductors, and the adopt structures related to many of the other semiconductors, such as gallium arsenide. The cubic form of ZnS has a band gap of about 3.54 electron volts at 300 kelvin, but the hexagonal form has a band gap of about 3.91 electron volts. ZnS can be doped as either an n-type semiconductor or a p-type semiconductor.

Zinc Sulphide Sputtering targets - ZnS

Purity--- 99.99% Density---4.10g/cm3

Shape--- Discs, Plate, Step ( Dia ≤480mm,, Thickness >1mm)

Rectangle, Sheet,Step (Length ≤410mm, Width ≤270mm, Thickness ≥ 1mm)

Tube( Diameter< 300mm, Thickness >2mm )

Refractive Index---2.20(10.6μm)

Transparence Wave Band---- 0.3~13μm

Zinc Sulphide Evaporation Material - ZnS

Density--- 3.98 g/cm3 Purity---99.9%,99.9%
Hardness--- (acc. to Mohs) 3.5 -- 4, (acc. to Knoop) 178X27 Kg/mm2, Linear expansion coefficient 6.1X10-6

Melting point---1800℃,Vapour pressure at 970℃ 1 Pa,at 1080℃ 10 Pa
Specification---Solubility 1X10-3g/100g H2O, Soluble in acid,

Properties of thin film
Transmission range 4000 ~ 14000nm
Refractive index at 550nm ~ 2.3um
Hints on evaporation
Molybdenum, tantalum boat, Mo boat, electron-beam gun, ION Gun
Evaporation temperature 800℃~1100 ℃
Evaporation pressures 10-3 to 10-4
Substrate temperature 30 ~ 150 ℃

Color/Shape---solid substance, White or yellowish powder,tablets, granular.

Shap--- (Granular)3-6mm,6-50mm,10-70mm , (Tablet)Dia8mm or other

Applications--- Anti-reflection films. PVD or CVD process as evaporation materials in Decorative and IR coating, often with low refractive materials MgF2, SiO2, SiO or high refractive materials Ge. Multi-layer coatings, beam splitters.

Hot-pressed Polycrystalline Zinc Sulphide (HP-ZnS)


Transmissive wavelength---1~12um

Bending strengh--->120MPa

Knoop Hardness---300Kg/mm2


Specifications--- Dome: <Dia270mmX10mm, Plate:<360mmX15mm

Performance---good infrared optical transmission and thermal property and impact overloading resistant

CVD Zinc Sulphide (CVD-ZnS)


Transmissive wavelength---0.3~13um

Bending strengh--->100MPa

Knoop Hardness---250Kg/mm2


Specifications--- Dia<200mm, thickness<15mm,plate and any curved plated

Performance---good optical homogeneity, multi-wavelength transmission and chemical stability




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